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Solar Thermal and DHW ◊ Crestone, CO


  • 2 100-F Viessmann Collector, Roof Mounted
  • 79 gallon duel coil tank

I have just completed this beautiful heating system, complete with great Recharge Colorado rebates.
This project was installed on a house that I had general contracted its construction 4 years ago. It was nice to see one of my past projects again, as well as appreciating our foresight to have the house made solar-ready.

Dharma Ocean Residence Hall ◊ Crestone, CO

This solar thermal project is, along with being just up the road from my residence, a very enjoyable system. The roof mounted collectors are quite a sight to see. Three Steibel tanks are used for the DHW, and my usual method of storage using a custom built stainless steel tank. This project is planned to be completed by the end of the year.

Heating System with Heat-tubes ◊ Alamosa, CO


  • Flexcon and Veiessmann Tanks

I enjoyed putting this system together using the client's recycled heating elements. The client also assisted in putting this system in place, thereby taking an active role to understand its components and how it worked.  

Solar, Heating and DHW ◊ Crestone, CO

Photovoltaic Specs:

  • 2 panels

Solar Thermal Specs:

  • 2 collectors
  • Radiant loop to be installed after addition is built

This project was an all-inclusive, renewable energy haven.

Painted Skye Cafe Bakery ◊ Crestone, CO


  • This system has:
  • 6 -collectors
  • Gas Condensing Boiler
  • 2 105 Steibel Tanks
  • Radiant in-floor heating and Wall Panel Radiators

The 6 collectors are dedicated to domestic only due to the high volume of water needed for the restaurant.

Items for Sale

L16 6volt 370amph solar batteries
240watt Solar Panels (many brands available)
1000 watt True Sine-Wave Exceltec Inverter - $250
C40 Charge Controller - $40
Blue Sky 30amp MPPT with digital display -$350
Solar Thermal Collectors 


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