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Sangdo Palri Temple, Mangala Shri Bhuti Temple ◊ Crestone, CO


  • Off grid PV System
  • (9) 225 watt SolarWorld modules
  • Dual Axis Tracker
  • 7.2kW FlexPower II 
  • (16) 370ampH batteries for 48 volt system
  • 8.5 kilowatt Kohler propane backup generator

On this challenging solar site for the spiritual temple, using a dual axis tracker was essential. Watching the process of this temple being built was a pleasure as well. Feel free to check out a model of what the temple will look like and to learn more at:

Grid-Tied with Battery Backup ◊ Crestone, CO


  • Grid tied with battery backup
  • (14) 175watt BP modules
  • 48V Outback GVFX inverter


This job was actually very close to my home, so the commute was less than 4 minutes! It was another smooth, fun installation, plus working with this couple was a blessing.

Crestone Charter School ◊ Crestone, CO


  • 3-phase 208VAC Grid-tied PV System
  • (100) 240watt SunEva PV modules
  • (2) fronius 11kW inverters 
  • Fronius Datalogging Web Box Monitoring system


In an effort to acquire this contract with an outside general contractor, New Gen Energy successfully merged with Dobson Solar and Wilfong Electric & Solar to successfully win the bid. Crestone's desire in supporting local businesses is not always feasible, yet in this merger these 3 PV companies worked seamlessly, finishing the project on time/budget. During this process we've created great business relationships with other small businesses, plus the joy of seeing our community's children tracking the results of their schools RE sytems.

Grid-Tied County Maintenance Office & Conference Room ◊ Saguache, CO


  • Grid-tied PV System
  • (22) 240watt Solar World modules
  • 5kW Fronius Inverter

This project was the perfect opportunity to assist our local county into accepting RE systems, and we launched their first grid-tied system for Saguache county buildings. The Saguache County Road & Bridge Maintenance Office and Conference Room now has a great PV system to display, plus we acquired over $7000 in rebates for Saguache County that the client was not expecting!

Haidakhandi Universal Ashram Retreat House ◊ Crestone, CO


  • Small battery backup system
  • 3 PV roof mounted panel

This retreat house is located in the slopes above Crestone, and had quite a view! I enjoy installing the Midnite Solar products, as I did on this project, since they are made in the USA.

Items for Sale

L16 6volt 370amph solar batteries
240watt Solar Panels (many brands available)
1000 watt True Sine-Wave Exceltec Inverter - $250
C40 Charge Controller - $40
Blue Sky 30amp MPPT with digital display -$350
Solar Thermal Collectors 


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